Renew Your Membership On-Line

You can now renew your membership on-line. Below are the membership options that we now offer. We are unable to process new memberships and reinstatement memberships on-line. To renew on line, you must have a Paypal account. If you do not have an account with Paypal, please visit and read the information about their service. Choose the Sign up for your FREE PayPal Account! Paypal has over 20 million members worldwide! We are unable to process new memberships on-line at this time. Please contact Al Shaw at the Roundalab phone number for new memberships.

Roundalab offers a 5% discount if dues are paid by check. Please contact the Roundalab office for the amount and pay by check in US funds.

If you have any updates to your current contact information, please use the Roundalab Member Update System.

US Category A - Less than 51 sessions per year $207.00
US Category B - More than 51 sessions per year $256.00
US With no ASCAP/BMI (Must list whom they have ASCAP/BMI trough. Either Callerlab or ACA $118.00
Emeritus (No longer teaching or cueing) $90.00
US Affiliate Organizations $118.00
Canada without ASCAP/BMI $96.00
Canada with ASCAP/BMI $214.00
All Overseas $100.00