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Phase 5 Tape 2 Instructional Video (Includes Phase Manual)

This 1 hour 32 minute video has the following figures from phase 5 of round dancing:

American Spin; Flicks into Breaks; Sailor Shuffle; She Go, He Go; Stop and Go; Whip Throwaway; Whip Turn

Paso Doble
Banderillas; Coup de Pique; Fallaway Reverse; Grand Circle; Left Foot Coup de Pique; Promenade; Shadow Attack; Sixteen

Back Turning Whisk; Double Reverse Spin; Hairpin; Hinge; Jete; Mini-Telespin; Outside Spin; Quick Open Reverse; Reverse Fallaway; Six Quick Twinkle; Stutter; Tipple Chasse; Top Spin; Turning Lock; Woodpeckers; Zig Zag

Closed Hip Twist; Cross Basic; Full Natural Top; Natural Opening Out; Open Hip Twist; Sit Line; Stop and Go Hockey Stick; Sweetheart; Switch; Switch Rock; Tornillo Wheel


Bota Fogo; Contra Bota Fogo; Corta Jaca; Natural Roll; Plait; Reverse Barrel Roll; Shadow Bota Fogos; Traveling Bota Fogos

Back Corte; Back Open Promenade; Back Twinkle; Brush Tap; Closed Promenade; Contra Check; Drop Oversway from Closed Position; Five Step; Four Step; Link; Open Promenade; Open Reverse Turn Close Finish; Outside Swivel Link; Outside Swivel & Tap; Progressive Link; Progressive Side Step; Promenade; Promenade Link; Promenade Quarter Beats; Promenade Tap; Quarter Beats; Reverse Turn Closed Finish; Reverse Turn Open Finish; Rock Turns; Stalking Walks; Viennese Tums

Back Turning Whisk; Contra Check; Curved Feather; Double Reverse Spin; Eros Line; Hairpin; Hinge; Jete Point; Mini-Telespin; Natural Hover Cross; Natural Telemark; Natural Weave; Outside Spin; Quick Lock Slow Lock; Quick Open Reverse; Reverse Fallaway; Ripple Chasse; Rising Lock; Running Open Natural; Swivel Whisk; Syncopated Whisk; Top Spin; Turning Lock; Whiplash

Price $43.00