Rounds-of-the-Quarter and Runners Up
2nd QUARTER 2013
Carter & Ruby Ackerman, ROQ Chaircouple
500 E. Marylyn Ave, Apt. B-27
State College, PA 16801
(814) 238-8949

PHASE 2: Beverly & Robert MacKay, Chaircouple

ROQ: Lucky Devil (TS) Charlie Brown & Linda Cooley Decca 9-21020 "Lucky Devil" Carl Dobkins Jr. or CD: Cruisin' with Carl, Track 8
1st Runner Up: Half A Heart (TS) Kathy & Tom Nickel MCA Records MCAS7-54065 / Marty Stuart
2nd Runner Up: Red, Red Robin (TS) Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid "When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along" / Dean Martin, Amazon Download

PHASE 3: TJ & Bruce Chadd, Chaircouple

ROQ: Memory (RB) Nariaki & Hideko Aoyama STAR 253 (Ross Mitchell)
(TIE) Come By The Hills (WZ) Milo Molitoris & Cinda Firstenburg "Buachaill O' N Eirne" by Phil Coulter, CD: Classic Tranquility, Tk 6 or download

1st Runner Up: Wonderful (WZ) Jerry Buckmaster & Zodie Reigel Hi Hat 896 (Joe Leahy)
2nd Runner Up: Lookin' For Love (TS) Ron & Jan Betzelberger Columbia 4-33104 (Ray Conniff Singers)

PHASE 4: Karen Fisher, Chairperson

ROQ: Cheek to Cheek (FT) TJ & Bruce Chadd CD: Dance Coach Standard Dance, Doris Day or download
1st Runner Up: That's Life (WC) Christine & Theron Hixson Helmut Lotti CD: Time to Swing Track 2 or will fit Frank Sinatra version download from Amazon or iTunes
2nd Runner Up: I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (FT) Larry & Susan Sperry ABBA CD: The Definitive Collection Track 8

PHASE 5: Tim & Debby Vogt, Chaircouple

ROQ: I Am Just A Girl (FT) Curt & Tammy Worlock ABBA CD: Ring Ring - Track #11
1st Runner Up: How Lucky Can One Guy Be? (JV) Randy & Marie Preskitt “Indigo Swing” CD: All Aboard! Track 3,
2nd Runner Up: Snap Your Fingers (WC) Karen & Ed Gloodt CD: Joe Henderson, R&B Classics

PHASE 6: Dave Goss & Ulla Figwer, Chaircouple

ROQ: Poema (TG) Ron & Mary Noble Basi Musicali CD: I classici del liscio, Vol 3 (Karaoke)
1st Runner Up: Conquest Of Heaven (WZ) George & Pamela Hurd Prandi Sound CD: Only Ballroom 1, Tk 6, Artist: Alessandro Olivato
2nd Runner Up: Wonderful World Of The Young (WZ) Charlie Brown & Linda Cooley CD: Casa Musica 6 [Best of Ballroom Music 2], Artist: Andy Williams

Note: Choreographers who wish to ensure that their dances are reviewed are invited to send a copy of the record either to the appropriate Phase Chaircouple or to the General ROQ Chaircouple who will forward them.
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