Roundalab Dance Database Search

Enter your lookup information in any of the fields and click on "Find". If you click on the find button with nothing in any of the search fields, you will display all the information in the database.

All the search fields are set up so that you don't have to enter exactly what is in the database. The search information can be partially entered. For instance, if you want to see all dances with "baby" in the dance title, just enter "baby" in the dance title search field and click on "Find". This is very handy if are unsure of the exact dance name.

The search fields "add together". For instance, if you want to see all dances that were written by Moore in 2010, you would enter "moore" into the choreographer field, and 2010 into the year field and click on "Find". Another example, to find all phase IV rumbas, just enter "IV" in the phase field and "rumba" in the rhythm field and click on "Find".