Index Of Rounds Database Search

Welcome to the Index Of Rounds Database Search page. Each column of data has a title and a filter field at the top of the column.

The column titles are used to sort the entries in either ascending or descending order. Just click on the column title to change the order. If you click on Dance Title, for example, the data will be sorted in alphabetical order. If you click on Dance Title again the entries will be listed in reverse alphabetical order. There is a diamond icon in the column title which is being used to sort the entries.

The filter fields help in narrowing a search by only showing those entries matching the filter information. If you put in “Ross” in the choreographer filter field, and “Quickstep” in the rhythm filter field, you will only see entries that are quicksteps written by Ross.

At the bottom of the search screen there is a refresh button to restore viewing all the entries, a page counter where you can view a specific page, and a selection box for viewing 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 entries per page.

There are currently 29,724 dances in the Roundalab Dance Database and counting!

Click here to see more detailed instructions for using the Index Of Rounds system