ROUNDALAB also serves as a platform for the dissemination of information pertinent to the round dance activity. ROUNDALAB focuses on education for dance leaders through a comprehensive education program at the ROUNDALAB Annual Convention and provides educational opportunities for both dancers and dance leaders through seminars conducted at the annual National Square Dance Convention and the USA West Square and Round Dance Convention. In addition, ROUNDALAB is now sponsoring MINILABS at requested locations throughout the United States and abroad. These MINILABS will be conducted, upon request, to provide dance education in areas where the dancing population may not have easy access to the Annual Convention. For further information, please contact the Executive Secretary.

ROUNDALAB offers a number of items (see Catalog) that help both the dancer and the dance leader. These items include Teaching Manuals, Guidelines for various aspects of the activity and descriptions and videos of each of the dance figures in all Phases of Round Dancing. ROUNDALAB also provides a $1,000,000 comprehensive bodily injury and property damage liability insurance policy for all teaching and cueing activities for its members. ROUNDALAB has entered into a licensing agreement with both BMI and ASCAP to license its members to use copyrighted music at all Round Dance activities. Each year the organization offers a number of scholarships for members interested in attending institutes for Round Dance leaders. Anyone, interested in this dancing activity should contact the ROUNDALAB Office or a ROUNDALAB member for more information.